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“What a hypocrite” – Santos Escobar takes shot at WWE Hall of Famer

Santos Escobar has delivered a message to a WWE Hall of Famer following his victory at Survivor Series.

Escobar was a part of the Latino World Order on SmackDown, but he recently decided to betray the faction. At Crown Jewel on November 4, LWO’s Rey Mysterio defended the United States Championship against Logan Paul. Escobar made his way ringside in an attempt to help Mysterio and left a pair of brass knuckles on the ring apron when chasing away one of Logan’s goons.

Paul put them on and punched Mysterio in the face to capture the title. On the following SmackDown, Escobar snapped and launched an attack on Mysterio and sent the legend a nasty message after he underwent successful knee surgery. Escobar was scheduled to battle Cartlio at Survivor Series, but he viciously attacked and took out the latter on the Friday Night show before the PLE. Escobar battled Dragon Lee instead and picked up the victory at the Premium Live Event.

Speaking on WWE’s The Bump, Escobar claimed that Mysterio was a hypocrite for claiming that he was the future of Lucha Libre, and then picking Dragon Lee instead after he exited LWO.

“What a hypocrite. What a hypocrite. Where are we living, may I ask? Are we living in the past? Are we living in the future? No, we are living in the present. And let me just remind you that only a couple of months ago, I was the future of Lucha Libre. But now it is Dragon Lee?” Escobar said.


Santos Escobar sends warning following WWE Survivor Series

SmackDown star Santos Escobar has delivered a warning to the locker room following his victory over Dragon Lee at Survivor Series.

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During his appearance on WWE’s The Bump today, Escobar issued a warning to his peers on the blue brand. Escobar noted that what happened to Dragon Lee at Survivor Series was just a preview of what he is capable of.

“I’m really happy. It was just another opportunity at the PLE to demonstrate what Santos Escobar is all about. Just like I said it before, and I’ll say it again, it is just an example of what happens when you cross Santos Escobar. That’s it,” he said.

A WWE veteran recently praised Zelina Vega and the former LWO member for their promo together on SmackDown. It will be interesting to see what lies ahead for Santos Escobar on the blue brand in the weeks ahead.

Have you enjoyed Escobar’s heel turn so far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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