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TV viewers go wild for Nickelodeon’s ‘alternate broadcast’ of Raiders-Chiefs – as fans in the stadium are covered in slime, before coach Andy Reid is lifted off the sidelines by a giant claw

  • Nickelodeon has been airing certain NFL games since the 2020 season
  • Slime, Christmas animations, a giant claw and orange blimps are included
  • provides all the latest international sports news 

Television viewers again had the option to view an ‘alternate broadcast’ of the Kansas City Chiefs’ game against the Las Vegas Raiders on Christmas Day.  

Nickelodeon has broadcasted a few NFL games since 2021 featuring slime, animations and plenty of the children’s television network’s signature orange blimp.

On Monday, Nickelodeon viewers could’ve seen fans in the upper deck of Kansas City’s Arrowhead Stadium doused with slime. 

Adding to the Chiefs problems, head coach Andy Reid was lifted from the sideline by a giant claw. 

The 65-year-old Reid was lifted by the claw to the highest part of the stadium, with the feed transitioning off of him without a conclusion. 

A portion of fans in the upper deck of Kansas City's Arrowhead Stadium received a slime bath

A portion of fans in the upper deck of Kansas City’s Arrowhead Stadium received a slime bath

Every time a team scored, four slime cannons spurted out of the corners of the end zone. 

It added further salt in the wound of Patrick Mahomes’ pair of blunders that led to two Raiders defensive touchdowns in seven seconds. 

Las Vegas won the game over Kansas City 20-14, denying the Chiefs a playoff berth and an AFC West crown.  

The next NFL game that will be broadcast on Nickelodeon will be Super Bowl LVIII. 

After Wild Card games in the 2020 and 2021 seasons, this season’s championship will be the first Super Bowl to have an alternate broadcast on the network. 

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