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Travis Kelce reveals story behind introducing Taylor Swift to the football world

Travis Kelce got Taylor Swift to be a part of the sports world. Apart from a minor fandom due to Swift having grown up in Philadelphia and a few sports-related lyrics on songs throughout her massive discography, the singer and songwriter wasn’t much into the athletic scene before dating Kelce.

Before that, she wasn’t seen in suites at games cheering on anyone. A lot of celebrities go to sporting events all the time, but Swift was not a part of the crowd very often. That changed due to her relationship with Travis Kelce, who said on the New Heights podcast:

“I don’t know how I did it, because she wasn’t into sports. So I don’t know how the fu*k I did it”.

“I’m having a blast in life, baby. Just flying high, enjoying it all. Bringing new lives to the football world, opening the football world to new things.”

Now, she’s as big a fan as anyone, cheering wildly in the stands and showing concern when things on the field aren’t going as well.

Travis Kelce brought Taylor Swift to sports

Taylor Swift watching the Super Bowl in a suite
Taylor Swift watching the Super Bowl in a suite

Two things happened when the Kansas City Chiefs tight end got Swift to come to games. First, it made her an almost inseparable part of the sport. She was a small part of games she attended and the broadcasts of those games.

Second, it brought in a whole new world of fans. Swift fans or Swifties had also not been too into sports, but they are more so now. When the first started happening, they took to social media to try and understand the sport and sent in questions to Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce’s podcast.

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The sports world hasn’t been quite as welcoming to Swift as her fans have been to the sport, as many have complained about the screen time she’s given during broadcasts. One former NFL player even alleged that the NFL wanted the Chiefs to win because of Swift.

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