Thursday , May 30 2024

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Revealed: Hero gunman was shot and killed when IDF reservists mistook him for a terrorist as he tried to tackle Hamas fanatics who slaughtered three people at Jerusalem bus stop

A hero civilian who tackled two Hamas terrorists at a bus stop in Jerusalem has died from his injuries after being mistakenly shot by IDF reservists on November 30. Yuval Doron Kestelman, should have been celebrating his 38th birthday on Friday but died overnight in hospital from his injuries. Traffic …

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Israel’s military might that is about to obliterate Hamas: 300 tanks, 600 warplanes and 173,000 troops… all primed for payback against the terrorists – with cars lining the streets as 300,000 reservists register to fight

Israel is drawing on its huge military might – including thousands of tanks, warplanes and troops – to obliterate Hamas after the terrorists launched a surprise assault that has so far killed 700 Israelis.  Israeli forces have already used its fleet of 600 planes and 300 rocket launchers to relentlessly pound …

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