Wednesday , February 21 2024

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Revealed: Plot to oust MPs who did not call for Gaza ceasefire as millions of Muslims are urged to ‘punish’ candidates for failing to back truce in campaign launched by former terror group leader

Muslim Vote is plotting to unseat at least 55 Labour and Tory MPs By Abul Taher and Martin Beckford Published: 23:59 GMT, 10 February 2024 | Updated: 16:57 GMT, 11 February 2024 Millions of Muslims are being urged to vote out MPs who did not call for a Gaza ceasefire …

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‘My beloved Alsatian went missing so I launched a desperate search for her – but jobsworth police pulled me over and fined me £200 for not wearing a seatbelt’

A ‘devastated’ dog owner was fined £200 by ‘jobsworth cops’ for not wearing his seatbelt while peering out of his van window as he desperately looked for his missing beloved pet. Sonny Chambers claims he was ‘sick to his stomach’ with worry and was frantically searching for greyhound Alsatian cross …

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