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Terrifying footage from plane flying through Mallorca storm shows passengers screaming and crying as extreme turbulence causes some to vomit – after cruise ship with Brits on board crashed into freight vessel

A flight to Majorca experienced extreme turbulence on Sunday as it approached the Spanish island that was being battered by a heavy storm, terrifying video has shown. The mid-air ordeal left passengers fearing for their lives as the plane flew from Alicante in southern Spain to the Balearic Island in the Mediterranean. Estela …

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Yellow employees share anguish of losing their jobs after freight company shut down: Turned up for work only to discover they’d been fired – and created moving makeshift memorial to firm from their vests

Workers at one of the biggest trucking companies in the United States have told of their shock and sadness at the company closing on Sunday, after nearly 100 years in business.  Yellow, based in Nashville with 30,000 employees, has struggled for years with heavy debt, and a fractious relationship with …

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