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‘They ruined my life’: Inside America’s harrowing ‘wilderness therapy’ camps for ‘troubled teens’ where over a dozen kids have DIED and survivors are left traumatized from ‘torturous abuse in filthy, freezing conditions’

Survivors of America’s ‘Wilderness Therapy Camps’ have said the death of a 12-year-old boy is just the latest damning episode for an industry that brutalizes children in the name of a bogus therapy. The boy was transported by two men on February 2 from his home in New York to …

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Tucker Carlson’s Vladimir Putin stunt was like interviewing Hitler without asking about the concentration camps. It confirmed the Russian President is mad, bad and dangerous… and his interlocutor is a fool, writes ANDREW NEIL

In the end it was no contest. Tucker Carlson, bloviating broadcaster for the pro-Trump MAGA movement, was blown out of the water by President Putin, dictator of all the Russias. Carlson thought he was doing the Russian leader a favour by going to Moscow to give him a platform to …

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