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Stellar Blade hype is making players spend over 50 hours in the demo

Players are enjoying the Stellar Blade demo so much that they’ve spent more than 50 hours already in the game’s limited build. Shift Up’s team disclosed this news recently while thanking fans for their immense support for the upcoming action-adventure title. However, the studio is also concerned for players after seeing their excess enthusiasm for the demo, which takes only about 1.5 hours to finish.

Stellar Blade will be released later this month, but the hype behind this game has made players impatient. This, among many other reasons, is why they cannot keep themselves away from the demo while waiting for the full version.

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Shift Up’s team is “scared” to see players spending 50+ hours in Stellar Blade demo, tells them to “go easy”

The developers recently dropped a message for fans while appreciating their extreme support and love for Stellar Blade’s demo. However, they were stunned and even scared to see players putting more than 50 hours into a demo that only takes less than two hours to complete. They told the players to go easy on the demo.

Those wondering how replaying a limited demo for over 50 hours is possible, Stellar Blade has something special here. Its biggest USP right now that’s attracting many players is the viral Skin Suit for Eve’s character in the game.

Since its discovery, many players have equipped this suit and fight against challenging enemies in the demo. Despite director Kim Hyung-tae’s recommendation not to wear the Skin Suit during combat, most players are using a different approach and strategy altogether.

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Eve in her Skin Suit in the demo (Image via Sony Interactive Entertainment)
Eve in her Skin Suit in the demo (Image via Sony Interactive Entertainment)

Recently, many fans have decided to do multiple no-damage runs with the Stellar Blade Skin Suit against ferocious enemies in the demo. While the outfit has no protection, players take it as a challenge to prove they can defeat the bosses even while wearing the Skin Suit, which has no defense system.

Consequently, the overall playtime for many users has exceeded 50 hours in the limited demo version. This hints at how much time players could invest in the full game after its release on April 26, 2024, for PlayStation 5.

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