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Simone Biles pens three-word note for husband Jonathan Owens after Green Bay Packers’ loss to San Francisco 49ers

Simone Biles recently shared a sweet message of encouragement for her husband Jonathan Owens and his NFL team, the Green Bay Packers, after they lost to the San Francisco 49ers.

The season originally got off to a slow start for the Packers, as they registered five losses in their first eight matches. However, they made quite a dramatic comeback near the tail end of their league matches, winning their last game against arch-rivals Chicago Bears.

Green Bay then went on to qualify for the wild card weekend playoffs, pulling off an unexpected victory against the Dallas Cowboys 48-32. Unfortunately for the Packers, their dream run came to an end on Sunday when they came up short against the 49ers 21-24 in an enthralling match.

However, despite the loss, Simone Biles was ready to root for Owens and his team. Taking to her Instagram story, she shared an adorable video of Owens running up to her at the sidelines and giving her a kiss before heading back to the game.

“What a season,” she captioned the video.

Via Simone Biles' Instagram story
Via Simone Biles’ Instagram story

Simone Biles on who is the better athlete between her and Jonathan Owens

While Simone Biles might be the most vocal cheerleader for her husband when he’s on the field, if it comes to the question of who’s the better athlete, she’s rooting for herself.

Appearing on the Back That Year Up podcast alongside hosts Kenan Thompson and Kevin Hart, Biles stated that while both she and Owens are good at what they each do, gymnastics is the harder sport.

“I think we’re good at our own sports. We’ve tried to pin each other against on, like, difficulty, ability, and all that stuff. So, at the end of the day, gymnastics is harder — if he agrees or not,” she said (at 2:55).

Simone Biles went on to add that proof of gymnastics being harder was the fact that her husband struggles to finish her workout in the gym, while she can easily ace his.

“We fought over it a couple of times, and then we vowed once we got married, we wouldn’t talk about it again. But it keeps coming up every time, but he has done my workout in the gym and he can barely do it, and then I went to their NFL workout and I crushed it,” she added.

El deporte es una actividad física que involucra movimiento y competición. Puede ser practicado de forma individual o en equipo, y su objetivo principal es mejorar la salud, la condición física y la destreza de los participantes. Además, el deporte fomenta la camaradería, el espíritu competitivo y la superación personal. Hay una amplia variedad de deportes, desde el fútbol y el baloncesto hasta el tenis y la natación, cada uno con sus propias reglas y características únicas. El deporte es una parte importante de la cultura en muchos países y desempeña un papel significativo en la vida de las personas de todas las edades

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