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Richard Sherman’s DUI arrest overshadowed by Cam Newton brawl

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Here’s a bit of advice for professional athletes. If you’re out having fun doing your thing and happen to get into some legal trouble on your way home, make sure it isn’t violent and that it happens just before another star goes viral. This was the case over the weekend for former NFL player and current FS1 Undisputed analyst Richard Sherman, who was reportedly arrested on suspicion of DUI.

In no way is anyone encouraging any illegal activity, but we live in a world where this type of incident is all too common. News of Sherman’s arrest broke late on Saturday and by Sunday afternoon had been all but forgotten due to Cam Newton’s brawl at a 7-on-7 youth football tournament in Atlanta.

Timing doesn’t get much more impeccable than this. Obviously, Sherman couldn’t have known this fight was going to pop off the next day with Newton at the center of it but, talk about dumb luck. While Sherman’s incident is still pending, Newton’s took the focus completely off his arrest.

This isn’t the first time Sherman has been caught up in this type of situation. In 2022, Sherman pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor charges in Seattle which stemmed from a drunken driving and domestic disturbance incident in 2021. Even if Saturday’s infraction ends up being close to nothing there still seems to be an unfortunate pattern. DUIs have the potential to hurt not only the guilty party but innocent people as well.

After a week off from his FS1 host duties, Sherman was absent from the show Monday morning, which was expected after Saturday’s arrest. And for all we know he may not have been scheduled for the show this morning anyway. Either way, Sherman apparently wasn’t mentioned on Monday’s show.

Whatever happens in the end, Sherman’s arrest has already been largely forgotten by the masses and most probably hadn’t even heard about it. Having that news come out literally hours before we witnessed Newton rag-dolling multiple men who attempted to jump him was far more captivating than Sherman’s arrest.

That’s just the truth of the matter. We likely won’t hear much more of Sherman’s incident until after his scheduled court hearing (Monday) to address the conditions of his release. Sherman got into some trouble and lucked into a hall pass because some idiots decided they wanted to try Cam Newton. Life is strange sometimes.

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