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REVEALED: How UFC bosses responded when Sean Strickland asked permission to fight Jake Paul in Puerto Rico for £800k bet with influencer-turned-boxer

  • Sean Strickland was called out by Jake Paul for beating up influencer in sparring
  • Paul even offered Strickland $1m for him to come to Puerto Rico for a fight
  • Strickland asked permission from UFC but was turned down by paymasters 

Sean Strickland has revealed what the UFC told him when he asked permission to fight Jake Paul for $1million (£800,000) in Puerto Rico. 

Strickland drew the ire of influencer-turned-boxer Paul by beating up another influencer ‘Sneako’ in a behind-closed-doors sparring session. 

Paul then offered a wager to Strickland to come down to his training base, with the huge financial reward for winning but a tattoo of one of his betting sponsors as the forfeit for a defeat. 

Strickland, who recently lost his UFC middleweight title to Dricus du Plessis at UFC 297, said he called his bosses to see if it was a possibility.

‘So Jake Paul offered me a million dollars, knowing it is impossible for me to do that,’ Strickland explained on his YouTube channel. 

Strickland recently was beaten at UFC 297 and lost his middleweight title to Dricus du Plessis

Strickland recently was beaten at UFC 297 and lost his middleweight title to Dricus du Plessis

‘I actually talked to [UFC Chief Business Officer] Hunter [Campbell], and I was like ‘Hunter, I will fight this man. You let Conor McGregor fight [Floyd] Mayweather, this is an easier fight, easier money, can I do that?’

‘Hunter explained to me that [Paul] sells no fights. When they have fights, they give away tickets. He doesn’t make money. His target audience is children. They don’t buy pay-per-views.

‘So a little depressing, because I thought to myself, you know what? I’ll take a payday beating up this f***ing man. That sounds easy enough. But sadly, Jake Paul is an influencer. He sells to children. Children don’t buy pay-per-views. F***, I don’t know man, get some adults to follow you, and then we will fight.’

He then flipped the invitation and said Paul should come to Las Vegas instead if he’s serious.  

Strickland went on: ‘Here’s the thing Jake Paul, you clearly know I can’t fight you. We know this. The UFC knows this. We all know this, that me and you cannot fight. 

‘But what we can do — you can get in your fancy plane, you can fly your ass to Vegas, and we can have a little pow-wow. Because you know as well as I know what happens with that.

‘I’ll do it for free. I don’t need a check. I don’t need to live stream it. I will do it for free, sir. So if that is something you want, you want to show everyone how big and hard that d*** is, let me know when.’

‘Jake Paul, I got knocked out by a world champion kickboxer — a two-time UFC champion,’ Strickland said in reference to his fight against Alex Pereira. ‘You got beat by a part-time boxer [Tommy Fury] you used to try and pad your record.

‘You’re an embarrassment to yourself. You’re an embarrassment to me, and you’re an embarrassment to the world. Enjoy.’

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