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Rarity, type, playable release, and more details

Honkai Star Rail recently revealed Sparkle in a rather intriguing character trailer. She has been confirmed to be an upcoming 5-star character, set to release alongside Black Swan in this very patch. Sparkle boasts impressive attack abilities, an eloquent design, and an intriguing backstory that hints at more than meets the eye.

Read on to learn more about the character, and of her playable kit.

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Sparkle debuts in Honkai Star Rail with a new trailer


The Myriad Celestia Trailer, dubbed as “Sparkle: Behind the Curtain,” details the origins of Sparkle. Depicted as an “idol,” she began her humble origins as a stage performer. She was an overnight success, and stirred the hearts of many.

Unfortunately, since then, Sparkle has entered a downward spiral of sorts and is unable to distinguish between herself and her stage persona. She wears a mask to conceal her true emotions. As depicted during the events of Penacony in Honkai Star Rail, she is a cunning, manipulative person who relies on illusions to fool her targets.

All we know about Sparkle’s in-game stats


As detailed by prior leaks, Sparkle possesses the following characteristics in Honkai Star Rail:

  • Rarity: 5-star
  • Element: Quantum
  • Path: Harmony
  • Role: Support, specializes in generating Skill Points for the team.

Keep in mind that the information above is based on leaks via third-party sources unaffiliated to developer HoYoverse. As such, these details are subject to the final release of the said character.

Sparkle is set to release in this very patch on February 29, 2024 at 12:00 server time. Her release coincides with the removal of the Black Swan character banner as well. Readers are recommended to prepare their Stellar Jades accordingly.

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Honkai Star Rail is an action-adventure role-playing game released by developer HoYoverse of Genshin Impact fame on April 26, 2023. The title is available for the PC, Android, iOS, and PlayStation 5 platforms.

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