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Love is Blind star Chelsea reacts to ex Trevor’s secret relationship allegation

Love is Blind star Chelsea Blackwell has extended support to her pod ex Trevor Sova after allegations that he had a secret relationship while filming season 6 surfaced online. Though Trevor couldn’t find a partner on the reality show, he became a breakout star for his soft “Mr. Notebook guy” personality and mullet haircut.

He was embroiled in a love quadrangle of sorts with Jimmy Presnell, Chelsea Blackwell, and Jessica Vestal. After nine episodes, a woman named Natalia Marrero leaked photographs and chats with Trevor, attesting time stamps to solidify claims of their secret relationship. Natalia implied Trevor was leading her on, giving hopes of marriage, all while filming Love is Blind season 6 simultaneously.

On Sunday, February 25, Chelsea Blackwell took to social media to host a Q&A session to address some of the questions from viewers. When asked about the allegations lamented against Trevor, whom she bonded well in the pods, Chelsea said:

“Y’all we have to understand… we are humans. We have all made mistakes.”

The reality star claimed she had to seek therapy to deal with the repercussions of becoming an overnight sensation and the public backlash associated with it.

Love is Blind star Chelsea empathizes with Trevor Sova

Chelsea reacts during Q&A (Image via Instagram/@chelseadblackwell)
Chelsea reacts during Q&A (Image via Instagram/@chelseadblackwell)

Natalia, the woman who claims to be Trevor’s ex, initially leaked her text exchanges to the Instagram account @therealityashley, to prove with evidence she was in contact with him before, during, and even after the filming of season 6. Natalia claimed she began talking to Trevor in September 2022 and only a month later he was asked to apply for Love is Blind.

The woman suggested she didn’t stop him from applying at the time because they weren’t serious, however, things changed later with Trevor giving her hopes of marriage. She explained in a now-disappeared Instagram story:

“He promised me that he was so proud of me that he wanted to tell everyone that we were together but he couldn’t because of the contract that he signed. Then he broke up with me and it’s like I never existed.”

While Trevor is yet to respond to the allegations, Chelsea has advised fans to be kind to him. She wrote in her Instagram story:

“Our lives went incredibly public very fast. All we can do is have grace. It’s a very unfortunate situation. But I wouldn’t wish this amount of hate on anyone. Remember to be kind.”

While addressing another question, Chelsea revealed she needed to seek help from a therapist after the show was over. The reality star lauded everyone working behind the scenes of Love is Blind for not only helping her find a practitioner but also covering the treatment fees. She explained:

“The show was very accommodating on helping me not only find a therapist but cover the fees. I’ve never seeked a therapist before but man oh man, I feel everyone could benefit from having an unbiased opinion.”

Chelsea reacts during Q&A (Image via Instagram/@chelseadblackwell)
Chelsea reacts during Q&A (Image via Instagram/@chelseadblackwell)

Chelsea continued:

“I never though I ‘needed’ a therapist but I had a ton of inner issues I needed to debunk and my life, my mindset, my heart has completely changed. I thought I loved myself before but I have never felt THIS kind of love.”

During the Q&A session, Chelsea also admitted to feeling “emotional and insecure” but noted her emotions were well-received with proper validation.

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Love is Blind season 6 is available to stream on OTT giant Netflix.

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