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LeBron James is ‘on that new juice’ according to Kevin Garnett

Could Bronny James score a bucket against his father, LeBron? Kevin Garnett certainly doesn’t think so.

But while discussing the topic with bestie Paul Pierce on an episode of KG Certified, the Hall of Famer didn’t cite age, size, or experience as to why he believes that. Instead, KG suggested that LeBron is using steroids.

“His dad on that BALCO, he on that new juice,” Garnett said.

While it was seemingly a throwaway line, this isn’t the first time the conversation surrounding James and PEDs has come up. But it is rare for it to come in this particular forum.

KG: Can Bronny get a bucket on Bron?

Paul Pierce: Yeah for sure

KG: You seen his dad? his dad on that Balco, he on that new juice…

LeBron James has never failed a drug test during his 21-year NBA career, but last year, documents were discovered linking The King’s associates to the Biogenesis scandal.

In case you forgot, Biogenesis was a wellness clinic in Miami, Florida, run by a cocaine-addicted Anthony Bosch, who was supplying athletes — mainly baseball players — with performance-enhancing drugs.

However, after ESPN’s report on the Biogenesis investigation — LeBron himself was cleared by the DEA — only Deadspin and the DailyMail reported on James’ name appearing in the docs.

There may not be anything there, and other outlets seemingly have not asked the Lakers’ star about it. Garnett could have been joking, but for those listening closely, it’ll garner lots of attention. Maybe not in mainstream media, but quite possibly across social media or various threads online. Anytime your name or those of close associates/friends/family members are linked to something like PEDs it always looks bad.

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Peyton Manning had his time in the spotlight concerning PEDs when he was named in an Al Jazeera investigative report in 2015 that claimed he’d allegedly received Human Growth Hormone (HGH) from an anti-aging clinic in Indianapolis. Manning would later deny the allegations.

Dropping the kind of gem that KG lets slip is something most take seriously across the sports landscape. In fairness to James, he’s never been formally charged with anything or failed a drug test that we know of. The DEA did investigate and clear James during the Biogenesis probe of 2013.

Let’s see if any reporters ask James about Garnett’s latest comments on the record during a press conference or post-game media scrum.

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