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How to light Unlit Candles in Animal Well

Animal Well can be a rather challenging experience, especially because the game does not hold your hand when it comes to the various mechanics. Hence, certain puzzles and features like how to go about lighting Unlit Candles can be rather confusing and time-consuming to figure out.

You will encounter your very first Unlit Candle right outside the spawning zone. There are a total of nine candles in the game, and you will not be making much progress if you haven’t discovered how you can go about lighting them.

This Animal Well guide will therefore go over how you can light the Unlit Candles as you make your way through the interconnected colored worlds.

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Lighting Unlit Candles in Animal Well

Candles will illuminate the surrounding area. (Image via Bigmode)
Candles will illuminate the surrounding area. (Image via Bigmode)

To light any Unlit Candle in Animal Well you will be required to find a match. The matches are in various locations in the game, but for the very first candle that you find outside the spawn zone, you will easily be able to find a match nearby.

To get cable, you will be required to:

  • Make your way right from the first spawn point and then keep going up till you find a Telephone. Now make your way right and you will find an Unlit Candle located at the very top of a block. You will find a blue enemy in a room near it.
  • You will need to lift the platform and then head to the room above to gain access to the platform with the Unlit Candle. Now heading left, you will reach a secret tunnel that will lead to a drop.
  • Make your way to it and drop down, and you will automatically reach the candle.
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In order to get the match to light the candle, you will need to:

  • Make your way left from the candle room, then past the Telephone and the watery area.
  • Head across the water body and then jump up to reveal a secret path.
  • Head down it to encounter a chest. Interact with it to find a Match inside.

This is how you get the very first match and the very first Unlit Candle in Animal Well. There are eight other candles like this, so make sure you are exploring all parts of the area to get the matches.

Light the sunlight candles for a trophy. (Image via Bigmode)
Light the sunlight candles for a trophy. (Image via Bigmode)

Why should you light Unlit Candles in Animal Well?

By lighting Unlight Candles, you are automatically lighting up the surrounding area, improving visibility. However, that is not the only purpose of this as lighting candles also progresses the Candle secret side quest.

Successfully lighting all the candles in the game will unlock a trophy in Animal Well.