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How blatantly does Eric Bieniemy have to fail to fail upward?

I just want to point out that coaches like Bobby Petrino and Hugh Freeze, who should be banned for life from the collegiate ranks, are still getting high-profile coordinator and head coaching opportunities. Yet Bieniemy, who isn’t a saint but also didn’t wreck his motorcycle with his mistress on the back, is relegated to calling plays for the UCLA Bruins?

Sam Howell would be in the XFL if it wasn’t for Bieniemy. Maybe Bieniemy is Romeo Crennel, or maybe he’s Sean McVay. Regardless, it’s pretty ridiculous that his options after helping construct Kansas City’s doomsday offense — and develop Patrick Mahomes — are demotions.

Washington was at best a lateral move, but UCLA is a step down however you look at it.

At this point, I’m sure Bieniemy is over being the face of racial discrimination when it comes to football coaching hires. Maybe he just hasn’t failed properly?

That sounds ass backward, but he didn’t get let go from the Chiefs or Commanders. Attaching yourself to Ron Rivera might not have been the best move, but again, QB Sam Howell almost eclipsed the 4,000 yard mark in 2023. Sure his TD to interception ratio was 21-21 yet I’m interested to see what Kliff Kingsbury does in Washington now that he has Bieniemy’s old position.

By all reports the Commies will have a brand new rookie QB under center, and the coach responsible for his upbringing is the same guy who failed Kyler Murray repeatedly? Kingsbury was an offensive analyst for a USC team that underperformed (mostly defensively) for a single season after flaming out in Arizona, and now he’s back in the NFL. I’m not even sure what Kingsbury did other than hold Lincoln Riley’s playbook.

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It appears the only way for Eric Bieniemy to move up is to faceplant at a couple of stops and then hope the stench of retread is potent enough to lure some brain dead athletic director or NFL owner into giving him a shot.

C’mon, Duke, you should’ve practiced this

Persistent problems give us reasons to grow increasingly old with our opinions. However, solutions are never black and white, so when Duke’s Kyle Flipkowski turns his ankle during a court storming at Wake Forest, critics call for drastic measures. The answer is somewhere in the middle, but canceling all future on-court or on-field celebrations is excessive.

“When are we going to ban court storming?” Blue Devil coach John Scheyer asked the media. “When are we going to ban that? How many times does a player have to get into something, where they get punched, or they get pushed, or they get taunted right in their face? It’s a dangerous thing.

“You look around the country. Caitlin Clark, something happens. And now Flip, I don’t know what his status is going to be. He sprains his ankle. It’s one thing, like when I played, at least it was 10 seconds and you storm the court. Now, the buzzer doesn’t even go off, and they’re running on the floor. This has happened to us a bunch this year.”

There needs to be a certain amount of self-awareness by coaches, especially guys like Scheyer who oversee a program as lauded and vaunted as Duke. Don’t play dumb. Any ACC school outside of North Carolina who beats a top 10 Duke team at home is going to rush the floor.

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It’s like the head coach of any Texas program getting pissed about opponents flashing horns down. Oh, I’m sorry your universal hand gesture is so easily turned on its head. How ever will you find the resources and money to overcome?

If you’re Duke, Kentucky, North Carolina, Kansas, or the like, part of practice should be active stormer drills. Flipkowski is the victim here, but Duke? Duke should have an evacuation plan in place anytime they lose on the road.

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