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Fury vs Usyk: Oleksandr Usyk unfazed by ‘stolen’ knockout in undisputed victory over Tyson Fury | Boxing News

Oleksandr Usyk was overcome with emotion in the immediate aftermath of his monumental victory of Tyson Fury.

The Ukrainian hero had completed a remarkable feat. Previously an undisputed champion at cruiserweight, he became the first undisputed heavyweight champion of the world when he defeated Fury on a split decision on Saturday Riyadh.

In the build up to the fight he had spoken candidly about how his father, who has now passed away, instilled a unique self-belief in him that he could accomplish these feats.

Tears filled his eyes and emotion left his voice cracking when he said: “I miss my father.

“I love you.”

He had to draw a deep breath before adding: “I know he’s here.”

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Highlights as Oleksandr Usyk became undisputed heavyweight champion of the world after a dramatic battle with Tyson Fury

Usyk was inspired on the night. Fury is a huge man, much bigger than Usyk and as they reached the halfway stage of their world heavyweight title fight, Fury seemed to be taking over. He was finding ways to hurt Usyk.

But the Ukrainian regrouped and seized command of the contest in the ninth round. The southpaw struck a left hook across Fury’s jaw and proceeded to batter him from set of ropes to another. With his limbs all loose the Englishman swayed about the ring, his legs barely able to hold him up.

Tipping back into the ropes again saw the referee take up a count. Usyk’s promoter Alex Krassyuk believes that action denied Usyk the opportunity to find a knockout finish.

But Usyk declined to dwell on that possibility. “I don’t think about it. Because we have a winner. Okay, maybe [but] I don’t think about it. Because we have the win. Okay no knockout, no problem, but 12 rounds big drama,” he said.

Now he can enjoy his triumph both for what it means to him and his family, and what it means to his war torn country.

“Nine months I work. I missed happy new year, I missed my son’s birthday, I’ve missed the birthday of my [other] son too, I missed the birthday of my daughter. I missed the birth of my daughter. I missed all family holidays, all the time [I was] training. My focus was only this fight. Now I’m happy,” he said.

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Take a look back at the moment Oleksandr Usyk knocked down Tyson Fury in the ninth round with the British fighter saved by the the bell

A hint of emotion sounded in his voice too when he thought of the significance of this win. The smaller man beating the huge heavyweight to become the world’s first undisputed champion in the division for 25 years.

“For me and my country, it’s a big opportunity,” he said. “I’m grateful for who prays for me because it’s many people, a lot of people.”

In a now familiar catchphrase he concluded: “I am feel.”

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Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk had an epic battle for the undisputed heavyweight world titles. Book the repeats on Sky Sports Box Office now.

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