Thursday , June 13 2024

Chad Gable has made several rules for a female WWE star; things are forbidden now

WWE star Chad Gable is a changed man and has also made several changes to the way things are operating within his faction. He has forbidden some things by introducing rules into Alpha Academy.

On WWE RAW, Gable has shown the effects of changes in his own psyche cast a shadow on the group he’s leading. While he’s turned heel, the rest of Alpha Academy has been reluctant to follow in his footsteps. Whereas the 38-year-old star has had no hesitation in attacking other stars, he has also insulted Maxxine, Otis, and Akira Tozawa.

Gable’s actions have even led to some of his faction members being terrified of him, and that’s what has happened with Maxxine. The star was very close with Ivy Nile, after the latter made her way up to the main roster from NXT. The two stars from the women’s division had even been training together, working on areas of Maxxine’s offense that were weaker in the ring.

When Nile approached Maxxine this week on RAW to talk about continuing training her, the latter revealed that there was an obstacle in the way of continuing what they were doing. Dupri said that Gable had forbidden her from training with anyone outside the Alpha Academy, which included Nile. This left the female star even more isolated from one of her friends.

Gable has seemingly made sure that Maxxine follows the rules he’s made for her, even while he continues to insult her.

Chad Gable’s treatment of Alpha Academy has left an impression on the WWE Universe

As a heel, Chad Gable does not seem to be holding back at all, making decisions that a face version of him would never. He attacked Sami Zayn from behind in front of his wife and utterly decimated him while doing so, after losing his shot at the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

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He also has been harsh on all the members of the Alpha Academy, often berating them and even assaulting them for anything he sees as a flaw in them.

It remains to be seen if the rest of the Academy turns heel with him or if they have enough of his actions and manage to stand up to the veteran.