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Please do not glorify Mattress Mack’s gambling addiction

Reporting on Mattress Mack McIngvale’s gambling addiction is akin to covering those competitive vaping contests featuring Gen Zers trying to see who can blow the biggest cloud/contract lymphoma the quickest. I guess there’s a human-interest angle, but it also glorifies sports betting to a disgusting degree. Sure, people would click …

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Charlotte Dawson’s seven-month-old son Jude is rushed to hospital for the second time after struggling to breathe as she says the past 24 hours have been ‘scary’

Charlotte Dawson has revealed her seven-month-old son Jude has been hospitalised with Bronchitis for the second time.  The reality star, 31, described the past 24 hours as ‘scary and crazy’ as her son struggled to breathe from the lung infection.  Bronchiolitis is a common lung infection in young children and …

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Biden finally heads to the border: President, 81, leaves for Texas trip the same time as Trump as White House denies claims he’s going for a ‘photo op’ in section where crossings have dropped

President Joe Biden departed for the border on Thursday, heading to a place where crossings are at an all-time low as the White House denies charges he’s on a ‘photo-op.’ Biden is traveling to Brownsville, Texas, on the same day Donald Trump will be in Eagle Pass, Texas. The cities are …

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Sean Dyche welcomes ‘clarity’ after Everton were handed back four points following deduction and backs players to move on – but admits ‘you are always greedy and want more’ with six points still docked

Sean Dyche has welcomed the clarity of being handed back four points  Everton now sit 15th in the Premier League, five points clear of the bottom three Is Kevin De Bruyne’s confidence uncouth or should we champion self-belief of the world’s best? It’s All Kicking Off podcast  By Lewis Steele …

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